Das 2012 in Berlin gegründete Label SLOE steht für konsequentes, schlichtes Design und beste Qualität in Material und Verarbeitung. Die stetig anwachsende Kollektion aus Taschen, Kleidung und Accessoires wird ausschließlich in der EU produziert. SLOE ist über den eigenen Online-Shop, als auch über den ausgewählten Einzelhandel verfügbar.
SLOE was launched in June 2012- the young Berlin label stands for understated design and the very best in quality. The steadily growing collection includes bags, limited edition clothing and accessories. SLOE products are available from the label´s own online shop and from selected retail outlets.

SLOE was founded in June 2012 by Antonia Siegmund and Matthias Last. With an eye for timeless functionality, the label believes in the sustainability of casual sensuality, urban grace, and high-end materials in an otherwise transient and superficial fashion landscape. The meticulous craftsmanship of small-scale European manufacturers supports the steady bi-yearly expansion of SLOE’s permanent staple piece collection, as well as seasonal limited edition apparel and accessories. At once elegant and understated, SLOE stands for strength and conviction in the perseverance of simplicity, durability, and contemporary edge. SLOE products are available online or at select retail locations.

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